image: Factory acceptance testing for the Evora Demonstrator

Factory Acceptance Tests at the Évora Demonstrator

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Besides from the several hardware and software systems being developed by SENSIBLE partners, the Évora demonstrator also requires systems and equipment developed by external suppliers.

As is good practice, after the development and assembly phases, to ensure the proper operation according to the required specifications, EDP requested and participated in the Factory Acceptance Tests of all the acquired equipment for SENSIBLE.

In April and May of 2017, EDP sent a technical team to test the overall solution of three Electrochemical Energy Storage Systems to be installed in Valverde’s distribution grid. From visual inspection tests to the systems’ encapsulation and electrical equipment, to functionality and performance tests, EDP spent in overall 8 days at Coruña in order to ensure that the systems would leave the factory ready to perform the project next step which was the laboratorial validation of some of Évora demonstrator functionalities at EDP Labelec facilities, and after, the real onsite demonstration.

The laboratory activities at EDP Labelec’s premises are currently under way with the objective of performing functional and integration tests between the various components developed inside and outside SENSIBLE consortium with the goal of minimizing the risk in the implementation of Évora’s demonstrator and to ensure its success.

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