image: Jeremy Corbyn lauds the Nottingham Community Energy Model

Jeremy Corbyn lauds the Nottingham Community Energy Model

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On 7th September 2016, Jeremy Corbyn chose to launch his energy policy at a press conference held in the Meadows in Nottingham.

Corbyn, the current Leader of the Labour Party as well as the Leader of the Opposition was met by an audience of community members at the Meadows Library where he put community energy at the heart of his energy policy.

Corbyn praised the efforts of community members who had decided to take control of their energy supply and distribution by localising it through their very own community energy group, the Meadows Ozone Energy Services, MOZES. Project SENSIBLE is working with community members from the Meadows to demonstrate storage enabled energy supply for buildings and communities as a means of reducing greenhouse gas emissions and to create a sustainable energy supply.

Corbyn went on to say that the Nottingham model serves as a good example for other communities in the UK who are seeking to develop a fair system of energy generation, supply and distribution. He noted that this approach had potential benefits for those community members who were more likely to be impacted by rising energy costs.

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